Product Description

This chipper features a rotating turntable which can change the direction of the infeed chute- perfect if the area in which you need to chip is tight access- simply reverse the chipper in and rotate the infeed chute to the desired position. The discharge chute also rotates to discharge chips to the desired location. The infeed throat size is 160mm x 270mm which is perfect for bushy material, lantana etc and of course green branches up to 160mm (sorry no deadwood allowed). The horizontal infeed roller makes the chipping job at hand quick and easy, and as this chipper exceeds the Australian Safety Standards for chippers with its safety cutoff bar you can be confident that you can work safely. This unit weighs in at around 790kg so towing is a breeze for any vehicle with a towball rating of at least 800kg. A 26hp EFI petrol engine powers this chipper and features a load sensor which will pause the rollers when the revs get below a certain point and starts the rollers again when the engine has recovered to maximum revs.

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Download Safety Sheet : Safety information notice for website- LHS PL
Download Instruction Sheet : Hansa C27 operation and safety manual- web